Famous countries for Hand made Carpets.

Almost in every house we are using carpets and we have so many qualities about carpets in the world. But hand made carpets are very famous in the world. These carpets are knotted by hand and use wool to make the carpets. There are so many countries that are famous about hand made carpets. They are famous just because of their traditional colors and traditional designs. Marina Maids are famous for  hand made carpets Cleaning in Dubai . These carpets have become status symbol now and elite class in different countries loves to buy these carpets just because they are fine in quality and they are reliable and durable in nature. These carpet can use fro many years but just need to take care of these carpets. Most famous country in this industry is Iran. Iranian carpets are famous all over the world. Including Iran more Asian countries are famous in this industry.

Indian Carpets:

As we know that India has so many populations after china and no doubt that approximately it will cross the china in population in some years. India has so many cultures and so many traditions, and we can see the cultures and traditions in their work in carpets. Indian approximately exports 1.45 billion worth of carpets in every year. Indian carpets are famous of their hand made industry of carpets. And the famous carpets of India is Gabbeh rainbow, romma modern collection, kasmar patina, Isfahan silk wrap are famous carpets of India and these quality of carpets are exported in different regions like Europe,America,Africa etc.

Iranian Carpets:

Most famous country in world about hand made carpets is Iran; Iran has largest industry about hand made carpets. Best carpets are made in Iran. And it has largest export country for carpets. Iran has so many qualities of carpets like abbdeh,afshar,ardebill,bakhtiari,baluch,bibikabad,bidjar,birjand,gabbeh, these carpets are famous in all over the world and are brand in the industry, these carpets are durable, beautiful colors like red, blue, green, ivory etc and has beautiful design. That is why these carpets are exported in the world.

Pakitani Carpets:

Pakistan is also famous fro handmade markets of carpet. Pakistani carpets have same level of Indian carpets. These carpets have beautiful colors and beautiful designs. There are also so many cultures in Pakistan and these cultures can be seen in the carpets. Pakistan also export these carpets to the world specially in Europe and Australia, America etc.


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