Information about animals’ boarding

Animals’ boarding means the place where animals are kept temporarily when their owners cannot keep them.

Wild animals are onboarding the care taker of that boarding centre has to take care of their food, behaviour, moods and activity, this becomes the part of his responsibility and if this responsibility is not handled well the person can even sued. 

Commonly boarding facilities in some of the countries are for cats and dogs more but that does not mean other animals cannot be kept on boarding. Compared to cats boarding, boarding dogs takes more of a care. 

Handling of dogs at the boarding: 

Some dogs are aggressive to be handled and do not hesitate to bite so they have to be treated with a stop bark on their face but for such dogs their owners themselves put them in the boarding cage or dog kennel with their food bowls. 

Pet day care centres: 

There are separate pet boarding centres that are also called day care centres for pets but some of the veterinary clinics also offer this service to the people. But still if the animal is kept at veterinary clinic or hospital there are more chances that it would catch some of the viral diseases from the visiting animals through air no matter how much you keep them separated.


Just like there are salons and spas for people to get themselves groomed, there are grooming centres in pass for pets as well especially in advanced areas where your animal be it a pet or stray animal is groomed. The services such pet grooming centres offer are ears cleaning, trimming, bath, nail trimming, brush and feather trimming. 

Cat grooming services providers have to go through a lot of struggle if the cat is is not friendly or not used to have people touch her. In some cases the cat even has to be sedated for some time but it is better if the grooming process is done without sedation. 

Dog grooming services on the other hand are not so difficult to be performed because unlike cats, dogs don’t usually use their claws to defend themselves but they use their powerful bites so in order to avoid bites their muzzles are covered with stop barks.

No matter how aggressive the animal is, you have to prove yourself a human by treating it with great love and care even if its owner is not around. Animals are even more innocent than children and they trust the one who shows them love. Always be kind to not only people around you but animals as well.


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