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Photography become the most important part of our daily life.  People want to disclose their life moments via pictures with the others by using social media and this become habit of the people. Many people make career in this attractive field of photography due to its growing need. Photo explains the moment to every one without any hurdle of language. In this way, one can explain their thoughts easily to any other who don’t understand his language. This website will be very helpful for the beginners.

Photography is an art. It requires special skills and talent. There are so many types of photography, few commonly used types are mentioned below:

Aerial Photography:

In this type of photography pictures are taken from above the surface of earth. In other words, photographer takes pictures from above the ground level of earth. For example, your eyes saw some beautiful scenes of earth in a picture which shoots out from the aeroplane.

Architectural Photography:

In this type, picture is taken for showing the shape, colour or layout of any building. The building’s interior and exterior parts are framed in a way that catches the eyes of the viewer. In this way, building structure properly defines.

Candid Photography:

The picture that is shot out the moment as it happened, it is the candid photography. In this, picture is taken without the subject knowing or having the opportunity to prepare or pose.

Food Photography:

These days this type of photography is getting more popularity. Most of the photographers make their career in this type of photography. Scope for a food photographer in Abu Dhabi is growing day by day. In this type, professional photographers take pictures of the food in a very attractive way that catches the eyes of the person.

Fashion Photography:

People use this type to show their product of fabric. This is not easy shooting because it requires some special skills and elements like makeup, lighting, location, styles and the model. Sharp and creative pictures are required for this form of photography.


You may see daily this type of photography in the news, newspapers, and magazines. This type is used to inform the people about the event happening.

Sport Photography:

The name of this form of photography is pretty evident. In this photography, fast motion objects or in action objects are shoot out. These days all the events of sports are showing with the pictures in news.


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