Quick guide to fall arrest systems

To put it in simple words, a fall arrest system is mainly used at places where workers work at a great height and constantly face the risk of falling off. There are many different ways to prevent the fall such as protective barriers, guardrails, restraints and fall arrest system being one of them.

Fall arrest system is what supports the fallers from crashing to the ground in sudden fall costing several bones and sometimes even lives. There are many different types of fall arrest systems that are available in the market these days and two main of them are general fall arrest system and personal fall arrest system.

When it comes to a personal fall arrest system, it includes a body holding device often known as safety harness. This holds the whole body in place and provides a stopper in between the fall. It includes different elements such as anchor line, anchor point, connector equipment, buckle and locks to hold the whole vest in place and secure the fall. This falls under the umbrella of personal fall arrest system because one can be used for one person at a time.

Even though fall arrest system suppliers in UAE use the term to refer personal fall arrest system in general, but there are two main of them. The other one is the general fall arrest system which uses a netting or such other things on the ground or a little above it to prevent the sudden hit and crash of body to the rock solid or concrete ground. Multiple people can be saved at once as it spreads out to a wide space and the many people fall in it, the more they all can be saved.

One thing which stays common between these two is that they save people and one safety rule which both of these types of safety arrest system needs to follow is that they should be anchored correctly in the place. Fix them tightly and securely, and make sure that you follow the heavier rule. This rule states that the system should be able to withstand the twice as heavy force of the falling worker and then it will be considered safe.

A fall can happen anywhere, anytime and most of the incidents occur during working on heights with help of electric wire rope hoist suppliers in uae bought ladders which aren’t safe or not bought keeping all safety aspects in mind.


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