Tips to Start A Kiosk Business

All malls have a certain area parameter fixed for kiosks. It keeps varying and depending on what purpose they are going to be used for or which type of business they will be serving. Though you can’t occupy space more than already fixed, you can still choose whatever size and shape you want which would fit in the given area.

Here we have some useful tips to get you started on kiosks and how to use them to their fullest.


This is the first and main problem faced by retail fit out companies in Dubai. They keep wondering which one will fit best for their business. Though a standard kiosk is 10×10, but people prefer it to be larger than that – again depending on how much space you can use. Some high end companies prefer the size of 10×15 because it provides an amazing walk-through feature which helps in engaging customers more and providing them insights on spot.

There are several other things which you must consider before buying a kiosk and those things include the location of your kiosk. If the kiosk is going to be placed outdoors, then you will have to take care of the weather factor and how it can affect your kiosk and its technology. Other factors can include the traffic flow which you are going to receive which also plays a key role in decision making.


The market is full of all types of mall kiosks manufacturers Dubai who will share a hundred different options of kiosk. From self contained to highly interactive ones, everything is available and used. But the problem which stands here is that the higher technology you aim for the higher the size goes, and we cannot ignore the fact that different kiosk varies in costs as well. We would suggest aiming for an average kiosk which has basic functions and fits your required size as for the starters as it will not cost a lot and you will also gain a bit of experience and find what works best for you and your business. Once you have analyzed statistics as to what is your current demand and what it will be in the far future, you can aim for the higher quality and price kiosk.


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